About Donna Guinouard

Donna Guinouard is a speaker, author, trainer, coach, entrepreneur, and representative of a world-class health and wellness company. Leveraging the power of her own story, Donna is able to inspire, encourage, and empower others to live a life of passion, freedom, and health on their own terms. Her coaching and consulting strategies have been able to influence and transform the lives of many who never thought it was possible.

In her previous experience, Donna worked in the printing industry in an operational role developing processes and systems that allowed for the seamless transfer of documentation. Donna has also held numerous leadership positions in local networking organizations in Arizona, including:

  • President of AZ Woman of Influence
  • Queens of Networking Together
  • Executive Board Member of the Chair Events Committee of Network Together
Donna is also the host of the radio show High Energy Hour which focuses on family, mental and physical health, and stepping into your purpose.

In her spare time, Donna achieved a yellow belt in Karate as well as studied the art of Seiki Kai Aikido for four years. She is an avid gardener, enjoys hiking and swimming in the Arizona sun, reads and cooks from scratch, as well as donates much of her time helping animals at local and non-profit organizations, and loves to take care of her four cats and dog. However, Donna is most proud of the fact that she raised three amazing children as a single parent and moved back to Arizona to care for her parents prior to their departure.

When I stopped being a victim of myself, I found my strength.